Bend Like Bamboo a is a program designed to maximise resilience, and your health. 

As a Sports Kinesiologist, Speaker and Author, it has become my passion to help people every day, to transform their mind, body and life. When we can effectively embrace the changes that we all experience in our lives, without feeling exhausted, lost and unwell, we can find the inner courage to heal and transform. 

My intention for this course is to inspire you to go on a journey within and feel empowered to overcome any setback that are you faced with. When we can give our mind and body the best environment to be flexible, we are more adaptable and open to change. This also gives us the best environment to repair and transform our lives. I will share with you the lessons I learned along the way on my journey, when I had to learn how to walk again. These tools have helped me to overcome illness and adversity and have also helped me to perform when I have need to be on top of my game. No matter what you are going through, you can overcome it and discover what you are made of.

The course was created with digestible and actionable tools, so you can apply the art of Bending Like Bamboo in your life. Bending with flexibility, we can see our situation with fresh eyes, seeing obstacles as an opportunity to heal and grow. Enjoy 6 videos accompanied by 6 workbooks, and an integrated approach of the mind, body, and soul, helping you to rebuild your mind, body, and life.

"The best investment for your wellbeing. Amanda is amazing to work with, and truly inspirational" -Fayroz

Hi, I’m Amanda

The founder of Bend Like Bamboo, a program designed to maximise resilience and health. As a Sports Kinesiologist and Motivational Speaker, I believe that flexibility builds resilience. With a flexible mindset we can master change and reimagine what can be possible in our mind, body and life. Overcoming a paralysis at age 29 from MS, I discovered that a flexible mindset impacts everything that matters: our body’s ability to repair, how happy and resilient we are and how connected we feel.